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This engineering task started in 1992 in a small company called Al Yarmouk Center for Engineering Researches and Studies which was located in Amman– Jordan for site investigations and material testing.

Scope of work changed with time to cover several activities including constructing of buildings, highways, bridges, airports, industrial projects,…

During that period, a huge automation project were under development; all aspects of work were planned to be computerized to minimize the human efforts and to keep track of all aspects of projects.

The software is planned to be simple and task oriented to minimize the need for training. In order to achieve this target; we will provide all software under development for independent testers and we hope to enhance our software as per their comments. Any comment to make our programs easier for work is welcome and appreciated.

The situation now is completely different. Our sponsor became non-profit organization, and we have transferred our office into www world, and became closer to the open source community. All provided software in this site are under the open source GNU agreement. Which means you can use the software freely if you are not using it for commercial purposes. Small donations are required from commercial companies to use our software.

Source code shall be available for participants in the project for modifications, and for review (and to suggest modifications) for other users.

Donations and Profits:-

Frankly speaking; we are not looking for any profit, but we need to pay for the hosting costs which is too much expensive for us, so any donations from your side to cover the costs are appreciated.

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