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MixDes Project

Finally our Concrete mix design program is ready for beta testers. In order to download this program, follow the link below, for documentation and updates, please visit the forum.


1. Built on Road Note No. 4 tables and method of design

2. Selection of envelope for aggregates is easy and adjustable to meet your specific needs.

3. Can optimize the aggregate proportions to obtain the best aggregate mix.

4. Manual adjustment for proportions and auto adjustments

5. Can utilize up to four types of aggregates

6. Manual adjustment for water cement ratio

7. Manual adjustment for aggregate cement ratio

8. Manual adjustment for slump

9. Automated process to find the weight proportions of mix components without the user’s interference, and calculating the best w/c and agg/c.

10. Curves for envelope, aggregates mix, and Agg/c versus w/c showing the expected slump range




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